SHTF Plan for Digital Nomads Abroad

When It Hits The Fan, Don't Say You've Never Been Warned... Read resources, news, commentary and connect with broad community and similar DNs near you for all your preparedness needs.

Whether you lost the only one income source, or face serious medical issues, natural disaster or encounter a political instability abroad, having Plan B, Emergency Preparedness, Self Reliance, Urban and Outdoor Survival skills, tips, techniques, and lots of gear reviews can help you...

Before You Jump Into Digital Nomad Lifestyle Prepare Plan B 

  • Have enough savings 
  • Create emergency fund
  • Secure multiple income sources
  • Connect With friends or community on-site
  • Return home flight ticket as a last-mile back-up plan

Don’t let an emergency sneak up on you unprepared.

Loosing the only one income source (job or contract)

According to a Bankrate survey on Forbes, “63% of Americans don’t have enough savings to cover a $500 emergency.” To truly survive a loss of income, you’re going to need far more than that.

  • First, acknowledge that no matter how secure you feel, your source of income is not 100% fixed.
  • Second, designate a savings or money market account at the bank for emergencies only and agree that you won’t touch it.
  • Third, save at least $1000 as fast as you can.

Build an Emergency Fund
There are multiple options available to help you build an emergency fund from scratch. Withe the right tools and a little extra elbow grease you can build a cushion should you ever be faced with an unexpected expense.

Health issues

When travelling, many people simply choose one of the options presented to us either by the travel agent, airline company or travel website. However, as an expat, your personal situation might exclude you from all the benefits available so it is vital that you read all the terms, conditions and small print to ensure that you are fully covered while travelling.

Travel Medical and Major Medical Insurance

Both of these types of insurance provide medical protection if the policyholder becomes ill or is injured while traveling. The difference between these two types of insurance is the duration of coverage.

  • Travel medical insurance provides only short-term medical coverage; the duration can be anywhere from five days to up to one year, depending on the policy.
  • Major medical insurance is for travelers who are planning to take longer trips of six months to one year or longer.

Emergency Medical Evacuation Insurance

This type of insurance provides coverage for medically necessary evacuation and transportation to medical facilities.

Natural disaster

The Icelandic volcano with a famously unpronounceable name erupted in 2010, throwing up a massive cloud of ash into the air and disrupting air traffic all across Europe and North Atlantic. A total of 100,000 flights were canceled within one week.

Stuck at the Airport 

Passengers are not entitled to compensation due to adverse weather conditions if any of the following events occur:
  • Ash cloud: When a natural disaster occurs, it’s force majeure. Air traffic is affected and flights cannot operate. The ash cloud hinders the visibility of the pilot and ash particles can affect the sensors of the height and speed measuring instruments.
  • Adverse weather conditions: Aircraft must often remain on the ground or take off later when extreme weather occurs. Adverse weather conditions such as snow, storm, freezing rain or fog exempt airlines from paying compensation.
  • Stormy front: The Darmstadt Regional Court ruled that there is no compensation either, if the previous flight is forced to land in an emergency because of a stormy front and the next flight is delayed or cancelled as a result.
When Disaster Strikes, Airlines Scramble

If passengers are unable to fly on time due to severe weather conditions, thick fog or an ash cloud, generally speaking, they are not entitled to compensation. This is because weather conditions are considered as an “extraordinary circumstance”, as referred to in Article 5 III of Regulation (EC) No. 261/2004. 

The airline has no control over such circumstances, nor can they stop them from arising, even if “all reasonable measures had been taken by the air carrier concerned to avoid the delays or cancellations” - according to the EU Regulation.

Political instability

Because you never know when the day before ... is the day before. Prepare for tomorrow!

The standard definition of political instability is the propensity of a government collapse either because of conflicts or rampant competition ...

Peaceful protests can quickly escalate into violent crushes

Non-medical evacuation protection If a traveler wants the comfort of knowing they would have coverage if they need to leave a destination experiencing unrest, they could purchase non-medical evacuation coverage, or purchase a plan with a company like Global Rescue.

Non-Medical Emergency Evacuation Benefit of Extra Insurance

Living Abroad With Family in Worst-Case-Scenario

Homesteading, survival, self-sufficient, preparedness, and tips for becoming more self-sufficient in these trying times. Learn to be able to take care of your family with very little money and tons of ingenuity. Join any family based group supporting families living abroad and come together in the sense of cooperation to assist others in being prepared for natural or man made disasters.

Get back to your roots and rediscover the old ways of being self-reliant. Through knowledge, skills development and family-based preparedness, you can remember how to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Better be prepared than sorry

If you think this can't happen, you will be not the first and the last who has faced serious (financial, health or natural disaster) problems while living, traveling and working abroad.