Black Friday Deals for Expats, Digital Nomads & Travel Bloggers

Whatever your thoughts are on Black Friday and Cyber Weekend, one thing is certain: It’s a great time to secure great deals on great products and services.

Its time to start searching the web for Black Friday and Cyber Monday special deals for digital nomads and remote workers. Don't miss the deals with a special focus on the needs of digital nomads, remote workers and other location-independent people. Unique Travel Gifts for Digital Nomads, Expats, and Business Travelers:

VPNs & Online Security

A VPN is an essential tool for most nomads, travelers and expats. And while prices can seem high, there’s no better time of the year to invest in one than during the latter half of November.


Revolut Business together with TransferWise for Business, is one of the easiest online banking solutions for EU based business. It also comes with low-cost currency conversion and a multi-currency account.

Software & Business

Most popular software & tool deals of the year for Black Friday. Up to 98% off domains, hosting and more. 


Nearly every Udemy course for $9.99 or less depending on your currency.

Travel Gear & Electronics

There are so many deals on Amazon, Aliexpress and other sites, so if you need any travel gear or electronics (like noise-cancelling headphones, etc) this is the time to look for it.

Travel, Dining, & Transportation

Who doesn’t love relaxing in a quiet airport lounge with free flow of food and drinks, rather than in a cramped airport terminal? If you can’t get PriorityPass through a bank/credit card provider it’s worth picking up during their BF sale.


Lot’s of airlines offered Black Friday deals every year.

Internet is full of unique travel gift ideas and must-have travel gadgets for backpackers, digital nomads, and business travelers.

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