Pros of Getting a Remote Job

If you want to jump into remote work with both feet, it’s really important to ask yourself if the pros outweigh the cons.

It’s a reasonable question, landing a remote job is not easy.  Getting a remote job can actually be great for testing your way into self-employment—seeing how well you'd manage your time, stay motivated and productive working from home, coffee shops or a co-working space. Today, countless people are landing remote jobs for these reasons (and more).

  1. No commute: your once dreaded commute is over, no more traffic or annoying rush hour subway rides
  2. Your own schedule: Nobody is watching. Want to watch Netflix at 11:00 a.m. on a Monday? Go ahead, no one will know. Depending on your job function, you can work when you want to.
  3. Work anywhere: you can work literally anywhere. I work on my back deck when it’s nice out, but some people choose to work in a different country every few months.
  4. Family time: If you have kids you’ll have more time to hang with them. Obviously, you don’t want them to invade your workspace, but work flexibility allows for more family (or dog) time.
  5. Costs: Commute costs are nil. You can also say goodbye to expensive lunch and say hello to the supermarket for a cheaper breakfast and lunch.
  6. Office stress and distractions: No one is stopping by your desk and distracting you from work. No office drama with remote work.
Sounds great right? 
Not so fast, there are some downsides to working remotely:

Cons of Getting a Remote Job