4 Steps How To Start Career, Become An Expert & Secure Income

People are realizing that the skills they have can be used to power their dreams through expertise consulting. There are a lot of different options when it comes to consulting, securing income and growth hack.


  1. Get a job in a high growth industry. This is where the ‘real’ money and the opportunities are. When you're in a fast growth industry (or company), the tide is rising. 
  2. Work for the best and most recognizable company you can work for. This gives you instant credibility. Starting as an intern at a recognizable company will get you opportunities right away. 
  3. Become an expert. Pick an area within your industry and learn it inside and out. Start writing answers on the topic in Quora, start a blog on the topic, network with other experts. You'll find pretty quickly that this type of knowledge and expertise will lead to a huge array of options. 
  4. Create multiple income streams. Start writing, consulting, tutoring, fixing things, just get busy with a second source of income. You'll see that a job, tutoring on the side, can lead to starting your own tutoring company on the side. Your marketing consulting job can lead to writing Amazon books on marketing.